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Gene Smith

If you are like me, you loathe the process of buying a car - the often arduous price negotiations, the hidden extra fees, the add-ons and worst of all, the categorizing of you by the dealer's staff.   

As I was in the market for a new vehicle, I did my due diligence and settled on two vehicles - the BMW 335i and the Infiniti G37.  With my homework done, price in mind and shields up, I entered the dealership.  I was promptly and courteously greeted and then introduced to a sales representative.  I was even introduced to one of the owners of the dealership!  After the obligatory pleasantries, we sorted out the vehicle I was looking for and determined it would have to be ordered.  Now for the price - let the battle begin!  After presenting the specifications to the sales manager, the sales rep returned to the office where I was waiting with a price that knocked the wind out of my sails.  What's the catch!  Still with my shields up - I studied the deal, the fine print and asked multiple questions - nothing.  I was simply amazed.  I signed the paperwork for the vehicle, made a deposit and left.  It was the best car buying experience in my 55 years.

When the car arrived, a longer than expected four months later, I expected the attempted renegotiation on the price and the add-ons sales pitch.  When I arrived at the dealership to take delivery of the car, I was greeted by name by not only the sales representative and sales manager but one of the owners of the dealership.  The car was sitting in the showroom.  Because of the extend wait, they allowed me to pick out some BMW apparel and accessories at no charge.  As for the price - they pulled the original paperwork from the file and that was it - no add-ons or renegotiation - just sign the paperwork and make the final payment.  

It was an amazing car purchasing experience.  It is refreshing to know that there is still a car dealership that truly values their customers and treats you fairly and respectfully.  If you are in the market for a BMW - this is your dealer - you do not have to look further - I have and nobody else comes close.

Google User

This was our 3rd vehicle that Randy Smith helped us with and they just seem to keep getting better each time!  This was the best experience we have had buying a new car. The product is awesome! Randy knew what we wanted and helped us determine the options that made sense and skip the ones that did not.  We were trying to get our purchases done over the holidays and and inspite of the hectic times, they accomdated everything we asked for, from sales, to the front office, to service. We didn't have an opportunity to test drive in the snow, but Randy assured us this 550 was just as good as the X5.  He was right it is awesome and to think it is sporty as well. Couldn't be happier Thanks Randy!!!

Lindsey Waggoner

Very pleased with the service we have received at Tomkinson. They are fast and efficient and great at explaining everything they repaired on the vehicle. We have had nothing but good experiences from the time we bought the car!


Tomkinson BMW Shines

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Mick made my purchase of my 2012 BMW easy. He worked with me to get the top value for my trade. They had the exact car for me! I live 120 miles from Ft Wayne. Tomkinson made the drive worth the effort. I would buy another BMW from this dealer. 


Pleasantly pleased

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Tomkninson's had a vehicle that I was interested in and it was advertised on the internet at a reasonable price. Greg Schaefer promptly responded to my inquiry and, since I was without a vehicle, brought the car to me. I felt no sales pressure, which I appreciated, and liked the car. I offered a bit less than they were asking and, although they did not accept my offer, they split the difference with me in my favor. My experience was not without incident. After completing the purchase, I did find that the battery in the vehicle would not hold a charge. No problem! Tomkinson replaced the battery at no charge. The Auto4Life extended contract (no additional charge) is a definite plus! It takes much of the fear out of buying a used vehicle. Without exception, everyone I dealt with at Tomkinson acted in a professional and friendly manner. I highly recommend them.


Great salesman

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This is the easiest and most friendly car buying process I have ever been involved with they took care of me the moment I entered the door. I went in too look and without any hassling I decided I liked a car and they made it happen when it came to offering a great deal and making me feel good about the decision actually selling me a car that is a bit cheaper so I would be safe when it snows because it was a four wheel drive compared to the car I wanted which was a rear wheel drive I had no idea about that going in since I am from Miami and never had to worry about that. They really go the extra mile to help in any way they can and with them there is no hidden agenda I highly recommend them with any hesitation.


Bought a 2011 BMW 135i via phone and internet from Tomkinsion BMW. Ordered in June, 201 and received in September, 2010 at the BMW Performance Center in Greer, SC. Both Mr. Cahill and the sales manager Mr. McMaken are men of their word first and foremost. I never set foot in the state and all negotiations and information were over the phone or via email. The transaction was flawless, the communication was timely, the service was friendly and competent. I highly recommend anyone contacting Mr. Cahill who is in the market for a BMW and wishes to deal with someone of integrity.Great experience! 

Jimmy Hackett  

Having worked for a competitor for 6 years one of my clients wanted out of her current lease. I went in without my client explained the situation, worked out all the details then called my client and explained that they had the new BMW she wanted with more options that she intended to get and in the price range she intended to be in! 2 hours later she drove away in her new BMW series.